Our Initiatives

As an organization, CienciaPR focuses on the following programmatic areas. Some of these areas have received attention by the press.

Informal Science Educationmicrophone

Ciencia Boricua bookK-12 Education

    • In 2012, thanks to a grant from the Banco Popular Foundation, we conducted a pilot program at the Nueva Escuela Juan Ponce de León where we use the book ¡Ciencia Boricua!, podcasting, and lectures and interactions with Puerto Rican scientists as tools to promote science interest and awareness among students from 4th to 9th grade.

Support and mentoring to students, scientists and entrepreneurs and innovators

  • CienciaPR.org is the largest database of Puerto Rican or Puerto Rico-based scientists in the world, and the most extensive resource and information network for those interested in Puerto Rico and the sciences.
    Students at the First Biomedical Career Workshop of CienciaPR
  • Our website allows people to identify and interact with scientific mentors, experts, and colleagues through our members’ profiles and geographic maps.
  • In our resources section you will find information on funding opportunities, scholarships, jobs, scientific meetings and scientific training programs. Many of our members share tips and additional opportunities through the Forums section.
  • In September 2011, CienciaPR held its 1st Educational Symposium, which provided advice about biomedical graduate programs, research funding opportunities and career options to more than 100 students.
  • In the future, we hope to hold similar symposiums that contribute to the development of future generations of scientists and innovators of Puerto Rico.

Science policy

  • Our site provides a platform to inform the scientific community and to promote debate on important public policy issues, including the allocation of government funds for research policies.
  • CienciaPR supports activities to inform the public and governmental and business leaders about the importance of science in the lives of the Puerto Rican people.