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Mailing list for my books and other writing projects

Hello all! I have set up a subscriber’s email list to send announcements about my book projects, other writing projects, freebies, book signings and talks, etc. You may subscribe by going to the following site: Or by clicking here. Of course, you will be able to unsubscribe at any time, but why would youContinue reading "Mailing list for my books and other writing projects"

I hope God remembers

I want to feel hopeful, but sometimes are easier than others. I unapologetically wish that I’d have faith in “something more” than this life, as much as I love living it. I wish to truly believe that there is a God, because among many other reasons, it would be nice to have someone to thankContinue reading "I hope God remembers"

James D. Watson does it again or The sad twilight of a world-class scientist

**Sigh** This is getting really old. It is also sad. Every one of us wants to be remembered. It is just human nature. In the particular case of us scientists, we generally want to be remembered by our contributions, however minor, to the better understanding of nature. In the case of ground-breaking, paradigm-shifting discoveries thereContinue reading "James D. Watson does it again or The sad twilight of a world-class scientist"

To all my fellow Spanish-speaking biology enthusiasts!

This is a message to all my fellow Spanish-speaking biology enthusiasts! I will be interviewed by the talented science communicator Ms. Sofía Martínez Villalpando in her YouTube channel “The Biologist Apprentice” this Friday January 11 at 7pm EST. It should be fun! (:-) ~~~~~ **If you like what I write, kindly spread the word aboutContinue reading "To all my fellow Spanish-speaking biology enthusiasts!"

Merry Everything!

Hello All! In these time of the year, in an admittedly arbitrary way, most of us reflect on our lives and what the previous year has brought. These are uncertain, sad, perhaps even dangerous times. We all have people whom we have lost and are dearly missed. We all have went through challenges, triumphs, andContinue reading "Merry Everything!"


When you are at risk of being shot at school, work, the supermarket, church, and even at f’ing yoga class, among many other places, something is clearly wrong. Any person with a bare inkling of honesty and human decency will admit to that. #VOTE Advertisements