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Self-propelled particles with novel applications in nanotechnology

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Nowadays nanotechnology is in most of the aspects on our daily basis. It can be found in our smartphones, washing machines, cars, and health issues, in brief, it is everywhere. What relationship has this to colloidal particles? In fact, there are many reason to think that. Colloids are tiny particles of diameters between 10-6 and 10-9 meters suspended in a fluid, such as a liquid or gas. Colloidal suspensions are found in nature in common systems like milk, blood, detergents, fog, whipped cream and many others. Some examples of applications are cargo transportation, drug delivery, biological pump systems, etc. These applications could not be possible without an integrated use of  technological design and nanoparticles.

Interesting Summer

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While summer means resting and relaxing for most students, I have been given the unique opportunity to create something this summer. Beginning this June I have been part of the Research Experience for Undergraduate Students in Reconfigurable & Multifunctional Soft-Materials Internship in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Yes, sounds complicated, right? The first thing that I learned was, what are soft-materials. As I found out, they simply combine the characteristics of liquids and solids. So, thinking about it again, soft-materials are really useful and interesting. But I do not want you to tie you up in details and theoretical considerations of my research, I want to share the first impressions of my research experience with you.

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