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RMSM REU 2016: Done. Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences: In Progress... “A Near Infrared Summer”

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During this summer REU I have been working on a project titled: The development of NIR calibration models for prediction of low acetaminophen (APAP) concentrations inside a feed frame in real-time. This project is an example of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) framework for pharmaceutical applications.  PAT is part of a guidance proposed by the FDA in 2004 to improve and control quality parameters in pharmaceutical processes through real-time analysis. Near Infrared Spectroscopy is the technique we used for this study because it perfectly complies with the goals of PAT and have a high sensitivity for the detection of many organic compounds. NIR allows for the monitoring of pharmaceutical processes in a non-destructive and non-invasive way.

My Experience as an undergrad intern in this 2016 RMSM REU

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Participating in this summer’s RMSM REU has been a very productive experience thus far. The opportunity it’s given me of conducting research and having my own project to procure and develop has made an impact in my professional life and aspirations. Also, the scientific communication workshops, the soft matter seminars and even the social activities offered by this program have all been enriching. In addition, the people I’ve gotten to known and share with during this past month have also been key to this fun and constructive adventure.

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