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Science is all around you: The Milky Way

Greetchen Díaz-Muñoz's picture
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Photo: Juan González

Greetchen: “José, astronomy is one of my favorite areas of science. That’s why I love the image that this month we shared with the public. "

José: “Yes, there are many things to explore in the universe. By the way, our guest Juan González, shares a beautiful picture of our galaxy, the Milky Way.”



Via lactea

 The Milky Way. Presented by: Greetchen Díaz, José Almodóvar and Juan González. Photo: Juan González

José: "Juan, tell us where did you photographed the Milky Way".

Juan: “I've been doing astrophotography roughly 7 months and this photo is recent. I took this photo at the Pitahayas Sector in Cabo Rojo, on a farm where I make astronomical observations with the group of the Caribbean Astronomical Society. The photo shows what we call the heart or the center of our galaxy.”

"This kind of pictures are acquired using special equipment and what we observe is the result of processing 6 photos of 60 seconds each. Therefore, we can say that is a picture of six minutes! "

José: “Juan, tell me about the activities of the Caribbean Astronomical Society"

Juan: "We do talks and observing nights with our telescopes. We meet once a month on the grounds of Cabo Rojo, as it is an ideal place to do this type of activity because it has no light pollution. "

Greetchen: “What have you learned from our galaxy with the astronomy group?

Juan: "The Milky Way is visible to the naked eye from a dark location. People use to confuse the galaxy with mist but if observed through a telescope you would realize the amount of stars that compose it. The Andromeda galaxy, the closest to ours is 2.5 light years and can also be seen with the naked eye as a cotton ball. "

"Every photo I take of the space,  specially  the Milky Way, surprises me because they make me to think about how small we are in the Universe."

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