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Ideas para educadores: ¡Ciencia Boricua en la semana de la puertorriqueñidad!

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¿Quieres celebrar la semana de la puertorriqueñidad de forma distinta?

¡Tenemos una idea para ti!



¿Sabías que existen muchos profesionales en las áreas de STEM que son Boricuas y que llevan a cabo grandes proyectos en Puerto Rico y el mundo?  La mayoría de los puertorriqueños no conocen sus historias de innovación y perseverancia. ¡Que increíble si celebráramos también este aspecto de nuestra cultura!

Forging an education at the service of Puerto Rico

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We are launching the Educación al Servicio (Education in Service) Blog! To being, we would like to review our CienciaPR initiatives and contributions in the area of STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and how these have evolved to influence the educational environment within and outside the classroom.

From the website to the classroom

A dream within a dream

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I've had all kinds of dreams when I sleep. Some are very long and strange but others are just funny. Those dreams while I sleep have always been a mystery to me, but are not part of my favorite moments. Daydreaming is what I really enjoy. I like to imagine how things would be if I do something to make them happen. They say, " It costs nothing to dream". I add that "to achieve your dreams is worth everything."


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Creating Bonds and Moving Forward

by: Greetchen Díaz

I’m a scientist. During the years of lab research, there was always a moment that motivated me more than anything: to share “my science” with others. I can bet that for every scientist this is a crucial moment as relevant as their own experiments. I completed a PhD and a postdoc in the United States. During all those years as a researcher, I traveled to many places with the purpose of revealing my findings and contributions to science. To participate in scientific conferences also gave me the opportunity to know the work of colleagues and establish connections and collaborations that have marked my career until today.

More than Science: Joan Laureano, an engineer “on-trend”

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Borinqueñas, if something is certain it is that science and engineering are everywhere, in everything we do and everything we create. More importantly, science and engineering can open many doors in our future since the skills learned by studying these disciplines can be an advantageous in the workplace independent of what your final career path might be. This is the case of Borinqueña Joan Laureano Correa. Joan, who is an electric engineer, is also a renowned accessories and jewelry designer.

Desde New Orleans- ASM en ¡Vivo!: Ciencia en español para los amantes de la microbiología

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La conferencia anual de la Sociedad Americana de Microbiología, ASM2015, tiene "sabor Latino". Por segundo año consecutivo se llevará a cabo ASM ¡en Vivo!, una sección solo en Español donde los anfitriones, Greetchen (CienciaPR) y Gary Toranzos (Mundo de los Microbios) conversarán con sus invitados sobre la historia de la microbiología en España, secuenciación de última generación y el desarrollo de vacunas bacterianas, entre otros temas. Todo esto en vivo desde la ciudad de New Orleans el 1ro de junio a las 3 PM ET


El tesoro de una científica rebelde

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Aunque su obra fue subestimada, Ana Roqué de Duprey legó uno de los textos más relevantes en la historia de la ciencia de principios del siglo XX en las Américas. Hoy, 90 años después de escribir la ‘Botánica antillana’, una investigación revela el valor del libro inédito.

Así comienza la crónica que el periodista, Eliván Martínez Mercado escribió como producto de su trabajo para el Centro de Periodismo Investigativo. Quedé fascinada desde la primera vez que Eliván compartió esta historia conmigo y cuando ustedes lean esta excelente pieza periodística, seguro sabrán el porqué.


When being Borinqueña Acquired a New Meaning

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I knew my idea was not unique, mainly because it was originated by a collective need.  Just like many others, I felt the need of having a voice and to form a space for a community that will represent the women in science of Puerto Rico. A special community dedicated to put in the spotlight Puerto Rican women pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). This was my personal desire, my aspiration, that I share with many other women and men who expressed their joy when the Borinqueña blog was born.

Science is All Around You: “Blood Moon”

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Greetchen: “José, I’m almost speechless when I see the spectacular images you have shared with us”

José: “Greetchen, I’m glad you like them.  Last month we were witnesses to the so called Red Moon (or Blood Moon).  This event is part of a tetrad of total eclipses that will go on until next year.”


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