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Bacteria infection is a real threat of orthopedic implants...

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S. aureus is common gram-positive bacteria which may cause severe infections in clinical practices.In nature, bacteria normally exist in two states: planktonic or biofilms. Unlike planktonic cell, which are free floating microbes in suspension, cells within a biofilm adhere to the surface of soft tissues and implanted medical devices such as, hips and knees.Following bacterial initial attachment, the bacteria will secrete an extracellular polysaccharide matrix to protect themselves as they gather the accumulated nutrients from the surrounding aqueous environment required for biofilm survival.As a result, the bacteria within the biofilms are approximately 10 to 1000 times harder to be killed by antibiotics.

My first internship experience....

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My name is Khoa Do. I’m currently a Texas Tech chemical engineering undergrad student. During this summer 2017, I am so lucky to be chosen to participate in the REU program at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez. However, something had happened in the last minute, which resulted in a relocation of me and another four students to the University of Madison at Wisconsin for eight weeks. Then, we will fly to Mayaguez to present our posters in the last two weeks of the program. Personally, I do not consider this as an unfortunate incidence because this is the great opportunity to work with both the professors in these two schools as well as learn new things from both environments.

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