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H.R. 1405: To improve the collection and publication of statistics in Puerto RIco

Bianca Nicole Valdés Fernández's picture

This legislation orders the U.S. Federal Government, specifically the head of the Interagency Council of Statistical Politics of the United States, to establish a plan that will allow the compiling and publication of Puerto Rico statistics in the same manner they are collected and reported in several States.

Legislative Body: 

US House

Relevance to PR: 

Currently, the Census Bureau does not include U.S. citizens living in Puerto Rico in the statistics of the general population of the United States. This measure will ensure that the people that live in Puerto Rico are properly counted in federal statistics programs. Thanks to this measure, legislators and government offices in the U.S. will have accurate and updated statistical information on the Puerto Rican population when enacting laws, policy and initiatives.

Current Status: 

Introduced on Feb 27, 2019. Pending Committee assignment.

Suggested action: 

Call to all Puertorricans in the diaspora to contact their state representatives to support this bill.