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The great experience at REU in Reconfigurable and Multifunctional Soft Materials

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Nowadays, the bubbles are of great importance on different research areas, such as, the environment, the nuclear and medical scenarios. However, many aspects of the bubbles remain unknown. For this reason, under the mentorship of Dr. Silvina Cancelos and the graduated student William García, we pretend to understand their behavior. For this we are generating a micro bubble in hyaluronic acid and exposing it to a three dimensional acoustic field. This with the objective of obtain the velocities at which the micro bubble change when its radius changes and further compare this data with the theoretical one. On the other hand, these three weeks gave me the opportunity to enrich myself in the professional scenario, through the participation in workshops and conferences. Also, it serves as a platform to practice a different language, which open doors to interact with people of different places of the United States of America and to have more opportunities in the future. Moreover, it gave me the opportunity to meet other people and with them learn about their culture and the beautiful places of my island, Puerto Rico. These experiences are of great importance for future in work scenario. I hope more students could have this great opportunity of learning.