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REU Experience in Puerto Rico

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UPRM from the sky.

This summer I am participating of the RMSM REU program at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez. Participating on the computational catalyst group, where we are trying to elucidate the activation of methane over different zeolites. The group brings me the opportunity of learning more about the computational work. This research experience has been complemented with different workshops, where they are teaching us how to conduct a proper research. 

The program brings the opportunity of learning more about the scientific community. Through seminars, they have showed us what is the scientific community and what implies be part of it. These seminars have showed us how to perform an effective literature review, have encouraged us to read and keep our activity on the literature to be betters on what we do. Also they bring professors from different expertise to shown different research areas like: liquid crystals, pharmaceutical and bio-engineering.  

I also need to mention the wonderful people that I have met during the past month of summer. People interested on learning about our culture, taste our food and dance to our music. Even being a local student I have never danced salsa and these guys convince me of learning how to dance. I am glad that all of these students decide to come here on summer to conduct a research project and enjoy our beautiful island.