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A summer of learning

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This summer, I decided to throw myself into an increadable and challenging experiance. An experiance full of new information, a new culture, a new environment, a new language. This summer internship got off to a flying start with a brief detour in New York City, where I first met my mentor and the other student who would be working in the same field as me. Due to the strikes at UPR, this is where we were originally planning to do our research, however, the complications of trying to find an affordable living space in New York proved to be too great. Luckily the strikes had ended by the time we arrived in NYC, so we decided to continue on our way to Puerto Rico.

Since I've been in Puerto Rico I've had an amazing time taking it all in and exploring the area the best that I can. Everything from the people to the environment feels so different from what I am used to back home. Even the research that I am doing forces me out of my confort zone. In this project, we are using computer simulations to look at the dynamics of cluster formation in systems of spheres with dipole moments shifted from their center of mass. Of course as this is my first ever research experiance, there is already a very steep learning curve, but this is compounded by the fact that I am very unfamiliar with the field of the physics of electromagnetism and the process of running simulations. This summer is giving me techniques and insigths that I had never even considered learning before and I have already begun to see the potential applications to my chosen field of biomedical engineering. Already this summer has taught me so much. I look forward to seeing where the rest of this summer takes me.

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