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Pushing the boundaries of neurobiology: The Puerto Rico Center for Environmental Neuroscience

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El Instituto de Neurobiología en el Viejo San Juan.
Located in historic Old San Juan, the Institute of Neurobiology has established the Puerto Rico Center for Environmental Neuroscience, becoming a pioneer in this emerging field.

Every organism, from flies to humans, experiences their surroundings through the nervous system.  The senses, specialized parts of that nervous system, allow organisms to explore and respond to an ever-changing environment.  The ability to interact with, respond and adapt to an environment and its changes is a key feature for any organism’s survival.

New England Science Symposium abstract deadline approaching

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The New England Science Symposium, will be held on Saturday, March 2, 2013.
If you wish to submit an abstract for presentation, the deadline is November 30, 2012.






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