Edith A. Pérez: A Pioneer in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer

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Dra. Edith A. Pérez
Dr. Edith A. Pérez

The American Cancer Society estimates that breast cancer will claim the lives of more than 40,700 Americans in 2015. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death for women in the United States, after lung cancer. It has been estimated that doctors will diagnose nearly 232,000 women with invasive breast cancer and around 60,300 women with non-invasive breast cancer, this year.

Forest Stewardship Job Position Announcement – St. Croix, VI Department of Agriculture

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The VI Department of Agriculture has an opening in the Forestry Division for the position of Forest Stewardship Program Coordinator on St. Croix. This position is a federally-funded position, however the successful candidate will be an employee of the VI Dept. of Agriculture. The position does require a BS in forestry or natural resources; a master’s degree would be outstanding. The position also requires experience with GIS mapping.





Oportunidad de voluntariado: Administrador(a) de Comunicaciones Digitales e Impresas

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Oportunidad de voluntariado: Administrador(a) de Comunicaciones Digitales e Impresas

 Descripción y responsabilidades





Podcast Mirada Científica

Mirada Científica ("Scientific Glipmse" in english) is an audio program with stories and interviews that explore the relationship between science and Puerto Rico. The format uses music, silence, ambient sounds and narrative elements to transport the listener into a mental and emotional journey that sparks their interest and curiosity in science.

The podcast is a voluntary contribution to Ciencia Puerto Rico, a nonprofit organization committed to the promotion of science, research and science education in Puerto Rico. Ciencia Puerto Rico publishes and distributes the podcast on behalf of its creator, producer, and editor, Enrique Vargas.

Desde New Orleans- ASM en ¡Vivo!: Ciencia en español para los amantes de la microbiología

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La conferencia anual de la Sociedad Americana de Microbiología, ASM2015, tiene "sabor Latino". Por segundo año consecutivo se llevará a cabo ASM ¡en Vivo!, una sección solo en Español donde los anfitriones, Greetchen (CienciaPR) y Gary Toranzos (Mundo de los Microbios) conversarán con sus invitados sobre la historia de la microbiología en España, secuenciación de última generación y el desarrollo de vacunas bacterianas, entre otros temas. Todo esto en vivo desde la ciudad de New Orleans el 1ro de junio a las 3 PM ET


Medical Science Campus at UPR gets renovated

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The Medical Sciences Campus at the University of Puerto Rico it is under renovation.


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