NASA Summer School Program seeks grad students participants

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NASA is seeking graduate student applications for their Space Radiation Summer School program. Read on if you are interested... Course topics will include the physics and biochemistry of charged particle interaction with condensed matter, ionizing radiation dosimetry, DNA damage and repair, genotoxicity measurements, mechanisms of control and loss of cell cycle checkpoints and apoptosis, signal transduction including bystander effects, genomic instability, neurodegeneration, tissue remodeling and their relationships to carcinogenesis, and degenerative tissue risks including neurobiological damage by space radiation. Both foreign nationals and U.S. citizens may apply to the program. All students must satisfy Brookhaven National Laboratory safety and security requirements in order to be admitted and selected students must possess oral and written proficiency in the English language. Expenses for travel within the U.S. and for room and board will be covered for those selected for the program, with the exception of U.S. civil servants or employees of some government agencies. Successful applicants from outside the U.S. must provide for their travel to and from the U.S. A course syllabus and faculty list from 2005 plus additional information may be found at . Application information for the course may be found at . Applications must be received at USRA by 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time on February 28, 2007. Student selection will be announced in mid-March.


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Hola!! Te escribo para preguntar cuanto tiempo es esa investigación; un mes o dos meses. Además cuando comenzaría y cuando terminaría.
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Julissa: El programa dura 3 semanas. Si quieres obtener informacion especifica sobre el programa te recomiendo que los contactes a ellos directamente. En el website ofrecen a Kellie Rogers como contacto o 281-244-2011.
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Hola yo lo que deseo es que me envies la pagina de internet con respecto al tema de quimicos abogados. Gracias
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Hola Dionne, En el post de los quimicos abogados esta la direccion a la cual hay que ir para accesar el articulo- la has tratado? Creo que esa es la forma mas rapida de accesar el articulo. Dejame ver que mas se me ocurre- cualquier cosa te aviso. Veronica
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Dionne- Te acabo de enviar el articulo por medio de el website de la American Chemical Society. Espero que le puedas sacar provecho. Veronica