Amgen inaugurates a laboratory in Juncos

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Cited from By Rafael Lama Bonilla With this step, Amgen practically culminates a process of expansion of $1.200 million, preparing for the new expansion in which they will inject an additional $1.000 million to this local operation. The processes laboratory employs 90 people and it hopes to increase that number to 120 by the end of the year. Amgen has a total of 1.600 workers in Juncos, to which they plan to add another 500 employees during the next few years, as part of the additional expansion of $1.000 million announced last month. This expansion contemplates to increase the manufacturing capacity of active ingredients, formulation, and fill and finish of several medicines. These include products like Neupogen/Neulasta - that help generate white cells to fight infections- and Epogen and Aranesp, used for the treatment of anemia in cancer patients. "The establishment of this new laboratory is tuned not only with the strategies of Amgen, but in addition with the joint efforts of the government, the academy and the industry to promote economic and scientific activities that help strengthen the position of Puerto Rico as a manufacture center in life sciences", indicated Balachandran. "The inauguration of this laboratory strengthens the operations of Amgen in Puerto Rico and confirms the solid competitive position of the Island to attract investment and to create more and better uses in the biotechnology industry" indicated in an official notice Jorge Silva, secretary of Economic Development and Commerce, that at the moment is in Ireland as part of a mission that looks to develop Puerto Rico as an ideal destiny of investment in the sector of biosciences.