Lucy Crespo set to lead the Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust

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From left to right: Iván Ríos Mena, Lucy Crespo, Alberto Bacó, Daniel Colón, Esteban Santos.

San Juan, Puerto Rico – Alberto Bacó, president of the Council of the Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust, announced today the appointment of Luz A. “Lucy” Crespo as the organization’s new chief executive officer. The appointment represents a key step forward in the development of Puerto Rico’s public policy focused on research in science, technology and innovation, as a means to driving the Island’s socio-economic growth.

“Our priority is to strengthen Puerto Rico’s economic growth, and the Trust plays a fundamental role in its development. With this appointment we support our focus on creating initiatives that drive the reinforcement of a knowledge and innovation-based economy, concentrating mainly on the country’s human capital and intellectual property. With her global experience and background, Lucy is the consummate professional to move the Trust’s work agenda forward,” said Bacó.

Crespo thanked the Council for trusting her on this endeavor and commented that “The Trust is a key  strategic element   in Puerto Rico’s continuing transformation toward a knowledge economy. Our objective is to strength, expand and enhance the science and technology sector  in Puerto Rico, as well boost the creation and commercialization of intellectual property through research and  innovation. We also seek strong collaboration between the government, academia, and the private sector. By driving innovation, the commercialization of technology and high-tech job creation, the Trust becomes an agent of change and promotes Puerto Rico’s competitiveness on a global scale.”

Crespo said that her work agenda focuses on positioning Puerto Rico as important and relevant  player in scientific research and development fields in the Americas, fueling the transfer and, commercialization, of existing and emerging  technologies, and to foster the creation of  new technology companies, with the goal of strengthening Puerto Rico’s role in the global knowledge economy. As such, the Trust’s work agenda adheres to four operational pillars: science and research, talent management, entrepreneurship, and world-class scientific infrastructure.

The announcement was made during a meeting of the Council of Trustees, in which several of the initiatives in development that make up the Trust’s vision for the future were also mentioned. These include a second Request for Proposals for science and technology research grants, the creation of the Technology Transfer Office, support of activities aimed at fueling startups and entrepreneurship, the creation of a steering committee to lead bioprospecting activities, launching the second phase of the Science Boulevard to connect the Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Science Center, the Trust’s emblematic project; and strengthening alliances with a wide range of private sector industries that work together with the public sector and academia.

Crespo brings to the table more than three decades of proven experience. For over 30 years she held several positions in Hewlett-Packard Puerto Rico Manufacturing Operation being the latest as general manager of the Business Enterprise division. On her list of professional achievements are the development, implementation and management of activities such as new product launches, research and development, manufacturing, end customer services, business development, re-engineering processes, and others. Her organization provided supply chain services to operations in Europe and Mexico, and she  also managed  UNIX operations on Latin America.

Crespo was the first woman to become president of the Puerto Rico Manufacturer’s Association and has been recognized and awarded in the industry’s highest forums, including, among others, the Sales & Marketing Executives Association, the Chamber of Commerce, the American Society for Quality Control, and the “Colegiala Ilustre” of the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez campus, her alma mater. She has served on several advisory roles under the administrations of five former Puerto Rico governors.


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