Paul Lizardi recognized as "Who's who" in Nature Biotechnology

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As part of its 10 year anniversary celebration, the prestigious scientific journal Nature Biotechnology gathered portraits of the most notable personalities in biotech in the last ten years. These personalities were the most influential leaders and technology pioneers who made significant contributions to science and technology during the past 10 years. Paul Lizardi and his colleague David Ward were recognized in the firld of technology innovation for their invention in 1999 of the technique of Isothermal Rolling circle amplification (RCA). RCA enables detection of point mutations in human genomic DNA, allowing analysis of rare somatic mutations. Dr. Lizardi, who was born and raised in Puerto Rico and conducted his undergraduate studies at the University of Puerto Rico, is an innovator as well as a researcher. His lab is interested in cancer biology, in particular in understanding epigenetic abnormalities in tumors and in developing the next-generation diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic tools that can be translated rapidly to clinical research, and ultimately, patient care. Technology development of the Lizardi laboratory has contributed to 30 issued US patents, including Molecular Beacon technology, Rolling Circle Amplification (RCAT), Isothermal Whole Genome Amplification (MDA-REPLI-g, MDA-GenomiPhi, licensed to Qiagen, AP Biotech), and GenCompass universal microarray technology (licensed to Agilix Corp). Dr. Lizardi is a member of Puerto Rico's Trustfund for Science and Technology, and of CienciaPR.

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