State Forest of Maricao a natural gem for Puerto Rican endemic species

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Cited from Written for by Ricardo Cortés Chico "According to the Department of Natural Resources, the State Forest of Maricao covers a territorial extension with 10,569 acres between the municipalities of San Germán, Sabana Grande and Maricao. It has an elevation that ranges between 150 to 900 meters above sea level, which gives many parts of the forest impressive panoramic views. In fact, during a cleared day and with good visibility, parts of Guayanilla, Yauco, Sabana Grande, San Germán, Guánica, Lajas, Cabo Rojo, Hormigueros and Mayagüez can be observed. Due to its altitude above sea level the reserve averages a temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit and an annual rainfall of 94 inches."