UPR Aguadilla provides worldwide access for human genome study

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Screenshot of the group of educators comprising 18 U.S. states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia that make up the Genomic Data Science Community Network (GDSCN).

It is about access to data, courses, didactic and practical material in the area of bioinformatics and data science for education and research within and outside Puerto Rico. 

(Aguadilla, P.R. - September 12, 2022) As part of the initiative to support students, faculty and external communities in identifying opportunities to expand access to genomic data science, the Genomic Data Science Community Network was created, achieving its refereed scientific publication and its worldwide accessibility courses as of June 2022. This publication has the outstanding participation of Dr. Miguel P. Méndez González, assigned to the Department of Natural Sciences of UPR Aguadilla.

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