Yeidyly, a graduate student at Ponce Health Sciences University studied Albinism in Puerto Rico

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Did you know that albinism affects 1 in 17,000 people worldwide, but in 1 in every 1,600 in Puerto Rico?  


Hear more about albinism and its challenges in Puerto Rico from Yeidyly Vergne Martinez, MPH, DrPH and Alberto Santiago Cornier, MD, PhD in this special report that aired on Noticiero Univision on Sunday August 23.

Yeidyly, a graduate of Ponce Health Sciences University Master’s and Doctorate program in Public Health, researched the prevalence of Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome  in Puerto Rico as part of her doctoral dissertation.  Dr. Santiago is Associate Professor of Public Health at PHSU and the Director of the Clinical Research Center at San Jorge’s Children’s Hospital.


(link to interview in Spanish)


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