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Wednesday, 26 May 2021
The Center for Scientific Review (CSR) is seeking to hire SROs – open 5/17-5/26
Open to current and former federal employees -

CSR is the gateway for all NIH grant applications and reviews ~ 76% of all NIH applications for their scientific and technical merit. Beyond our review of most R01 applications, CSR covers a wide range of grant mechanisms as well as high profile initiatives such as HEAL, INCLUDE, BRAIN, All-of-Us, FIRST, MIRA, Common Fund (including its HRHR Pioneer Award, Transformative R01, New Innovators, and Early Career Investigator mechanisms), RADx PreVAIL, and DS-I Africa. CSR often leads the way in identifying opportunities for innovation in peer review. Several CSR initiatives are:

  • Increasing diversity in review panels
  • Early Career Reviewer engagement
  • Development of bias awareness and integrity training for all review staff and reviewers
  • Increasing transparency and engagement with the community
  • Evaluating study sections for scientific fit and emerging areas of science through ENQUIRE

CSR’s specialization in review and large workforce makes for a work environment that is interesting and rewarding – the breadth of science covered at CSR is incredibly diverse, encompassing that in all ICs. The atmosphere is collegial and supportive. There are opportunities for professional growth and contributions beyond one’s division, through cross-divisional collaborations, and beyond in visible trans-NIH work. CSR is also committed to providing opportunity and support for employee growth and development such as career stage-appropriate CSR or NIH leadership programs.    

We welcome inquiries about working at CSR. Please contact Dr. Kristin Kramer, Director of the Office of Communications & Outreach, CSR.  You can also find pointers for applying and more about working at CSR here.
The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) is hiring three new trans-NHLBI Non-Supervisory (NS) grade 15 Health Scientist Administrator positions to serve as senior scientists overseeing mission-critical efforts related to data science, precision medicine, and diversity in science. 
Brief descriptions and links to the positions are included below:

New NS GS-15 Senior Scientist Positions:

Data Science: This extramural position will manage NHLBI’s Data Science program. Candidates must have experience with cutting-edge informatics approaches, including cloud-based approaches to tool, workflow, and pipeline development and implementation, as well as a demonstrated track record of leading complex informatics activities. The selected candidate will work closely with other Institute leaders and will be a member of the Institute’s data science and precision medicine governance and operational groups, as well as represent the Institute on NIH-wide data science groups. 

Precision Medicine: This extramural position will manage NHLBI’s Precision Medicine portfolio, including integration with the Trans-Omics for Precision Medicine (TOPMed) and Data Science programs. Candidates must have experience with cutting-edge multi-omics approaches and show ability to manage complex precision medicine activities. The selected candidate will work closely with NHLBI leadership to develop and execute the Institute’s vision for precision medicine and will join the Institute’s precision medicine and data science governance and operational groups, as well as represent the NHLBI on NIH-wide precision medicine groups. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Science: This extramural position will provide overall programmatic and leadership responsibility for inclusive excellence across the NHLBI. Working collaboratively across Divisions and committees such as OCTET and training, the candidate will lead reviews of existing programs to determine their effectiveness, alignment with Institute strategic objectives, and make recommendations to enhance the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) of the biomedical research enterprise at NHLBI. The candidate will work with Division staff and leadership to develop technical and administrative guides, standards, and criteria to accomplish DEI objectives in NHLBI extramural programs.  Such efforts will may include identifying new opportunities, managing specific existing diversity programs such as those utilizing the F, K, T, and R25 mechanismsas well as the NIH-wide diversity supplement program. The diversity extramural scientist will represent the NHLBI on relevant NIH-wide committees and in interactions with advocacy groups, professional scientific societies and organizations, and the public. 

For more information and to apply, visit USAJOBS by visiting the below links to access the NIH global recruitment for Health Scientist Administrators, open May 17th through May 26, 2021

Merit Promotion (open to status candidates)

Delegated Examining (Open to the Public)