Apply to the Young Innovative Investigator Program (YIIP)

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YIIP is a one to two year, full-time program for college graduates prepared to complete graduate level coursework and conduct supervised research in biomedical laboratories on the UConn Health campus. The program provides individualized mentorship, academic support, and career guidance. In the first year, the curriculum consists of a minimum of 6 course credits per semester.

This is NOT a post-baccalaureate program. The applicant must be prepared to complete graduate level scientific coursework. Upon successful completion of graduate courses and research, a scholar will obtain a Graduate Certificate of Research Experience in Biomedical Science from UConn. In year two, scholars who meet the academic qualifications and successfully complete the first year may have the opportunity to pursue a Master of Science in Biomedical Science. By successfully fulfilling the program requirements, YIIP Scholars will acquire the expertise necessary to enter a MD, MD-PhD or PhD program.

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