Artista? Científico? Ambas? Conferencia de Visualización Biológica

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VIZBI 2012, the 3rd international meeting on Visualizing Biological Data - and the first in a series of EMBO conferences - will be held 6-8 March 2012 at the EMBL-Heidelberg in Germany. VIZBI brings together scientists, illustrators, and designers actively using or developing computational visualization to study a diverse range of biological data. Early Registration Deadline Jan 29, 2012 Virtual Registration with online participation available


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Mira a ver si puedes participar virtualmente: Virtual Participation For VIZBI 2012 we will offer for the first time 'virtual participation', which allows access to a live web stream of high-quality video covering all scheduled talks during the main conference (does not cover tutorials). The web streaming service also allows virtual participants to type in questions for the speaker via chat, which are passed to the session chair during question period at the end of each talk. Virtual participants cannot upload a poster, but will see the poster fast-forward presentations, in which each poster presenter introduces their work; they can also access posters online via the posters page, and can contact poster presenters via chat. You can test the video streaming on your system using EMBL's Media requirements page.