Charles M. Vest NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering International Scholarships

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Applicants must be currently enrolled and in good standing in an eligible graduate-level (master's or doctoral) engineering program at the time of application and during the scholarship year.

Exception: PhD graduates from eligible schools who are interested in careers in engineering education may apply for a post-doctoral Vest Scholarship at Olin College in the Grand Challenge area #13, Advancing personalized learning. Olin will also accept applications from current post-docs at eligible schools.


Applications will be accepted from students at non-U.S. institutions that participated in the 2013 NAE/Royal Academy of Engineering/Chinese Academy of Engineering Global Grand Challenges Summit held in London. See a list of eligible institutions


Note to UK students: Applicants are encouraged to identify and communicate with potential research mentors at their intended host institutions(s) prior to submitting applications.


Note to US students: Several United Kingdom universities offer scholarships for international students in the Grand Challenges for Engineering. More information is available at (click on the PDF titled "View Global Grand Challenges research opportunities available in the UK").

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The Charles M. Vest NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering™ International Scholarship Program provides opportunities for graduate students at selected international universities to pursue research addressing a global Grand Challenge at a leading United States university – with expenses paid for a year of travel and study.



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