Desarrollo profesional - NASA y educacion cientifica

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Hola a todos: Maestros de ciencia K-12 interesados en mejorar su preparacion profesional pueden obtener 15 creditos graduados gratis y ser certificado por la NASA en el area de educacion cientifica. Rieguen la voz. Detalles aqui: The NASA Endeavor Science Teaching Certificate Project awards one-year fellowships each year to over 40 current and prospective teachers. Funding authorization for the Project is provided through the NASA Endeavor Teacher Fellowship Trust Fund as a tribute to the dedicated crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger. In addition to competitive Fellowships, school districts and others are eligible to sponsor teachers to learn alongside NASA-sponsored Endeavor Fellows. The Project is administered by U.S. Satellite Laboratory, Inc. and partnered with various State Departments of Education. Endeavor Fellows receive award-winning STEM Professional Development, taking graduate courses in an innovative, LIVE (online) format from the comfort of their home or school. They learn to apply research-based pedagogical strategies and cutting-edge STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) content to their classroom contexts while becoming a part of a special network of like-minded educators across the Nation. Endeavor Fellows will be awarded a NASA Endeavor Certificate in STEM Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. In addition, fifteen (15) FREE graduate credits are awarded from other regionally-accredited partners in higher education. Deadline for Applications for Cohort 3 is October 15, 2010. Cohort 3 begins January 2011. Wilson