ENDURE-Bridge to the PhD in Neuroscience Summer 2023 Program

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Tuesday, 20 December 2022

Michigan State University ENDURE-Bridge to the PhD in Neuroscience Summer 2023 Application 


Selected ​​sophomore and junior undergraduate students in the Bridge to Ph.D. in Neuroscience Program (BPNP) will come to MSU for a 10-week summer research program, during which they will engage in state-of-the art neuroscience research, develop scientific and professionalism skills and participate in extracurricular and team building activities. Students culminate the summer by presenting their research at a local symposium and “graduate” at the program’s one of a kind Lab Coat Ceremony. Students also receive support to attend and present their work at the annual Society for Neuroscience conference, the premier venue for neuroscience.

Students who completed a first summer research experience may apply to the program again and if selected may return to MSU for a second summer of research.

Students who have completed two summers of research are eligible to complete the fall semester of their senior undergraduate year at MSU. During the fall semester, the selected students take 9 credits of undergraduate courses in the neuroscience area, further develop the research project they began during the prior summer, and receive one-on-one mentoring to develop competitive applications for graduate school.

The BPNP provides room and board, travel expenses, stipend and health insurance during the summer program. Students completing the fall semester at MSU receive these benefits as well as tuition for their fall courses.

Qualifying students are:

  • Rising sophomores and/or rising juniors.
  • Interested in Neurobiology/Neuroscience research, including topics in neuropsychology
  • Interested in applying to graduate school (PhD) and pursuing a career in neuroscience related research topics
  • From underrepresented groups in the scientific workforce
  • Runs approximately from the Sunday before Memorial Day through first week of August



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