Feria de carreras científicas virtual

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http://biocareers.com/events Greetings ! We would like to invite you to join the Bio Careers Virtual Job Summit! The Virtual Job Summit will bring Academic and Biopharma Employers from around the U.S. and the world together with the life science postgraduate communities of all our Members. Explore the Employers booths, download their brochures/white papers/videos into your virtual "backpack" and video chat during Employer "Office Hours" on October 5th and 6th, 2011. Registration: http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=kesw9udab&et=1105907621039&s=928&e=001ZUME... Important Dates: » Booths Open for Jobseeker Review: August 1, 2011 » Virtual Job Fair Employer Office Hours: October 5th - 6th, 2011 1. What is a virtual job fair? A virtual job fair is just like a normal job fair, but based online. Through the virtual environment, employers and job seekers have the opportunity to meet online at: - set employer 'Office Hours' - through company webinars - during dedicated interview days It involves no travel or registration cost to jobseekers and saves both time and travel expenses for employers. Employers can meet top candidates from the comfort of their office. 2. Why a virtual job fair? We have found that life science candidates are busy. Postgraduate life scientists, whether earning a degree or with years of work experience, are constantly on the move. The Virtual Job Summit allows for a great place to stop and focus on career development for students and alumni alike. 3. Is it free? Yes, free is a beautiful word, isn't it? The Virtual Job Summit is FREE to all candidates 4. What are the benefits of attending? - View live organization webinars - Attend 'Office Hours' to meet and interview with recruiters - Download brochures and videos to learn more about organizations - Interview with top recruiters on dedicated interview days


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Hola, Además de este job fair virtual, el programa tambié incluirá "webinarios" sobre diferentes temas de desarrollo profesional: http://biocareers.com/events THE UPCOMING WEBINARS Bio Careers organizes an ongoing series of Monthly Webinars with the University Members of our Consortium. Each webinar will be presented by a guest speaker with experience in the job search process. Webinars cover many other Career Paths, the Job Search Process and presentations by hiring Employers. Come back to this page often for an updated list. Sign up today! Space is limited Presenter: Derek Haseltine and Sarah Pick Topic: Improving your Networking at Scientific Meetings Wed, 2011-08-17, 1-2 PM EST Register to this webinar Presenter: Thomas Patrick Chuna (“Coach Tom”) Topic: Strategic Planning and Positioning: The foundation of a successful job search Wed, 2011-08-24, 7-8 PM EST Register to this webinar Presenter: Ruijia (Ray) Wang Topic: From the Ivory Tower to The Battle Field Wed, 2011-09-07, 2-3pm EST Register to this webinar
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Bio Careers has prepared a series of Free LIVE EVENTS. Si estas en busca de trabajos esta feria de carreras en línea te podría interesar. Puedes "chatear" con compañías desde la comodidad de tu laptop. In order to attend, all you have to do is to register for the Virtual Job Summit: http://www.biocareers.com/virtual-job-summit ONLINE NETWORKING EVENTS: Moderated Industry Networking Event at 4:30pm EST, Oct 5 Moderated Academia Networking Event at 11am EST, Oct. 6th October 5th 1-2PM EST Researching companies through booths and beyond Presenter: Clem Weinberger, Ph.D. October 5th 3-4 PM EST Topic: "Interview Tips: How to Communicate Your Skills, Experiences and Interests" Presenter: Lauren Celano October 6th 1-2PM EST Preparing for Industry Careers Presenter: Randall Ribaudo, Ph.D. October 6th 3-4PM EST You get 7 seconds for your resume to PASS: 5 key points! Presenter: Larry Petcovic See you at the Summit! http://biocareers.com/bio-careers-blog/"