Informatics Molecular Scientist



MS and PhD level candidates with experience in Precision Oncology: particularly with experience in NGS report interpretation, targeted therapies, and clinical trial matching. Full description is found below:

In collaboration with the Precision Oncology Informatics Lead, the Informatics Molecular Scientist will be helping in bringing genomics data and analytics to Florida Cancer Specialists and contributing to FCS’ Center for Precision Oncology Excellence. The Informatics Molecular Scientist possesses deep genetics expertise to combine cancer knowledge and genomics related data to guide clinical practice and research programs. The Informatics Molecular Scientist will be working side by side with the Precision Oncology Informatics Lead in defining and guiding the development of our precision oncology data platform (FCS PRECISE) and analytics infrastructure necessary to support the delivery of personalized cancer therapy in a scalable fashion.

FCS’s precision oncology informatics data platform includes all aspects of genomics data ingestion and predefined analytics and visualizations, integration with FCS’ data warehouse, as well self-service querying and reporting for research coordinators and physicians. In addition, the Informatics Molecular Scientist will be involved in the creation of precision oncology master and reference data, determining strategies for enriching FCS’ genomics data and knowledge resources, and participating in efforts to develop groundbreaking capabilities that influence clinical decision-making.

The Informatics Molecular Scientist also works on specific NGS and genomics use cases and workflows supporting and maintaining FCS’ molecular help hotline for physicians to receive report interpretation advice, identification of clinical trials matches for patients, as well as other ad hoc precision oncology initiatives.

Primary Key Performance Areas

KPA 1 – Variant Analysis and Reporting

  • Work closely with FCS Informatics, diagnostic lab staff, and clinical staff to improve adoption, analytics and reporting of next generation sequencing and related tests.
  • Summarize somatic and inherited genetic test results and generate customized result reports.
  • Utilize a variety of in-house and third-party software tools to research variant and write reports.
  • Perform critical quality control functions for laboratory workflow and clinical reports
  • Perform research on genes and novel sequence variants to determine clinical relevance
  • Assist in variant classification based on emerging scientific information
  • Analyze issues, processes and data; acts a liaison between clinicians and Information Systems to identify needs for changes in environment to promote best practice.

KPA 2 –Research and Clinical Trials

  • Work closely with Informatics personnel, clinical data architect and data integration analysts to improve the quality, management and analytics of FCS genomics and next-generation sequencing data.
  • Identify opportunities, define and guide integration of genomics into FCS clinical practice and research programs.
  • Utilize existing systems, as well as in-house and third-party solutions to enable matching of patients to FCS clinical trials.
  • Assist in the design and implementation of FCS’ next generation data platform (FCS PRECISE), with a focus on genomics data integration, analytics to support internal research programs, as well as real world evidence studies, clinical trial control arms etc.




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