Job Opportunity at Grupo Guayacán, Inc.

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*Job Opportunity at Grupo Guayacán, Inc.*** *Full Time Employment* *Job Title:* *Assistant Manager * *Job Description: * Duties & expected performance As Assistant Manager the candidate must be prepared to provide support in the development and execution of all marketing, communication and operational plans for: the Guayacán Entrepreneurship Development Programs, including the EnterPRize Business Plan Competition, The Guayacán Center Advanced Educational Programs, Electronic Resources (Web Page), the Puerto Rico Venture Forum and other future developments. The candidate must be ready to learn and practice the organization’s entrepreneurial philosophy. Among his/her core responsibilities will be the planning and execution of all event logistics, promotion and resources acquisition for both EnterPRize, and the Guayacán Center. The candidate will also assist the Senior Manager in the fundraising activities as well as sponsors and volunteers relations management. The following list describes the duties and responsibilities that will be requested from the candidate. (1) Assist in the strategic planning of the division’s projects and programs for practicing and aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as academicians. a. Identify potential resources locally and internationally b. Carry out planned tactics and logistics for each event. c. Oversee and develop relationships with local universities, professional associations, potential angel investors and other groups of interests d. Identify trends and needs among target audiences as well as growth opportunities for the Division’s programs. e. Support the Senior Manager in the development and improvement of customer relations management, data collection (participant’s performance), execution of new strategies and evaluation of final results. (2) Oversee webpage content and development.( a. Develop new content for the different sessions of the web page. b. Identify new resources, evaluate new tools and keep each session relevant and undated. c. Manage the Entrepreneurship Blog and other electronic communication platforms such as twitter and Facebook. (3) Identify potential new sponsors and develop effective strategies for fundraising. a. Write Proposals and manage post-sponsorship relationships (4) Support the Senior Manager in the development of new content, conferences and courses for college students and professionals. a. Prepare Power Point Presentations. b. Act as master of ceremony at workshops and kick-off events. (5) Identify new development opportunities for the Advanced Studies initiative, including potential new events, strategies to increase its impact in local university officials, researchers, academicians and professionals. Education Qualifications and Experience: - Management or arts related fields’ college degree is a minimum requirement. (BBA or BA). - Masters degree is preferred but not required. Required Skills: · Candidate MUST be fluent in English and Spanish. · Candidate must have superior writing skills in English. · Good communication skills · Multi-tasking · Organized · Team working skills · Must be goal oriented, creative and *self starter* · Availability to travel outside of the metropolitan area as well as outside of Puerto Rico. *Projected Start Date: * March 1st, 2010 Resumes must be sent by February 12, 2010. Fax: (787) 641-6030 Email: