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Scientific Workforce Diversity Program Manager ** NIH ** Bethesda, MD

Kelly Government Solutions is a strategic supplier and business partner to the federal government and its key suppliers.  Through our partnership with the National Institutes of Health, Kelly Government Solutions offers administrative, IT, engineering, scientific, and healthcare professionals the opportunity to work with one of the most prestigious research organizations in the world.  We are currently seeking a Scientific Workforce Diversity Program Manager to work with the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD.

 This is a long-term contract position which offers: 

  • Competitive salary with comprehensive benefit package
  • Free training and tremendous growth opportunity
  • Opportunity to work at NIH, world's foremost medical research center
  • Learn more about what Kelly can do for you at

TASKS/SERVICES: The contractor shall:

(1) Work with the Chief Officer for Scientific Workforce Diversity (COSWD) senior staff in support of the Office of the Director, Chief Officer for Scientific Workforce Diversity.

(2) Collaborate with staff to integrate and articulate long-range scientific goals and strategies for the Office of the Chief Officer for Scientific Workforce Diversity.

(3) Provide technical guidance and assistance relating to scientific/administrative program planning, and evaluation activities. 

(4) Conduct program and policy analysis for the Office of the Chief Officer for Scientific Workforce Diversity.

(5) Synthesize and present results of data analyses, draw inferences, outline options, and make recommendations that bear on COSWD program activities and policies.  

(6) Conduct on-going management analysis studies designed to streamline, simplify, and facilitate scientific/administrative program operations.

(7) Conduct research evaluation for the Office of the Chief Officer for Scientific Workforce Diversity using existing or developing new evaluation metrics and criteria to determine the impact of implemented programs and operations designed to enhance and retain a diverse workforce.

(8) Plan, design, implement and evaluate new mentoring and professional development programs for early stage investigator (post docs and tenure track).

(9) Design and pilot test new strategies for recruitment and outreach of candidates who enhance the diversity of the applicant pools for positions in the IRP.

(10) Plan, design, and conduct comprehensive analytical studies of the COSWD’s programs to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of program operations as a basis for policy development.  

(11) Compose written narratives of proposed initiatives and prioritized projects by research program area.

(12) Develop operational plans for the creation, implementation, modification, evaluation and/or termination of programs as required in the strategic planning process of the COSWD, NIH OD, and the NIH as a whole.

(13) Apply analytical and evaluative techniques to the identification, consideration, and resolution of issues or problems in order to improve the effectiveness of programs central to the mission of the Office of the Chief Officer for Scientific Workforce Diversity, the NIH OD, and the NIH.

(14) Produce position papers and staff documents, reports on current and planned activities, highlights of significant research findings in mission-related areas, and special reports on the activities of specific COSWD programs.

(15) Identify, verify and evaluate data needed to create reports, analyses or graphics.

(16) Generate scientific and administrative reports in narrative, graphic, and tabular form.

(17) Assist in the preparation of scientific workforce diversity narratives for inclusion in COSWD web and print products.

(18) Serve in a liaison role to offices within the NIH OD and outside the office including, but not limited to, academic institutions, other government agencies, and associations representing underrepresented groups in science. Establish and maintain effective contacts and liaison with program officials in these organizations.

(19) Provide documentation and assessment of liaison role to offices within the NIH OD and outside the office. 

(20) Generate reports on selected NIH accomplishments which may be in response to inquiries from other agency or department offices, Congress, or other high-level organization.

(21) Participate in interagency federal committees such as FC-STEM.


REQUIREMENTS: The contractor ideally would have:

(1) Ph.D. in a scientific discipline relevant to biomedical research.

(2) Previous postdoctoral experience in a biomedical or a related field.

(3) Understanding of current issues in workforce diversity including knowledge of social psychology and social science theories on interventions to promote underrepresented groups.

(4) At least 12 months full-time work in a non-research environment involving science administration and policy.

(5) Ability to analyze and interpret data.

(6) Knowledge of the organizational structure, goals and operations of NIH.

(7) Program management or administrative experience, particularly in an academic or government setting related to scientific workforce diversity.

(8) Expertise in Microsoft Office Suite (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), graphics, and statistical programs.

(9) Strong communications skills, both oral and written.

(10) Excellent analytical, planning, organizational and time management skills.

Note that the phone number for our NIH branch is not listed.  Due to the high volume of inquiries, we regret that we cannot accept phone calls.  All qualified candidates will be contacted.

Once you have applied online to the position, if you have specific questions, you may contact us



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