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Position Details Position Title: Associate Consultant (Flexible) Posted On: 4/18//2011 Job Description: Position Summary Impactivo Consulting is currently searching for an Associate Consultant (AC) to help expand its consulting practice. The AC will be a vital part of the Impactivo Consulting team and will be working directly with the CEO on various projects. About Impactivo Consulting Impactivo Consulting Corp. offers a wide array of services in Strategic Planning, Financial Sustainability, and Programs Management to support leaders at the forefront of social innovation in making strategic business decisions that lead to exceptional results. We are dedicated to the development of initiatives that improve the health status, educational attainment and the general wellbeing of people who live in Puerto Rico and abroad. Our purpose is to provide our clients with the most up to date knowledge and relevant tools to help them deliver outstanding outcomes in their programs and bottom line. We are also committed to ensuring that our clients achieve outstanding results in their operations and build organizations that have a profound impact on the world. Impactivo’s methods are based on the principle that organizations can accomplish the best results when they are driven by what we like to call I.M.P.A.C.T. practices: Identify the best human talent Motivate & incentivize human capital Perform data analysis & develop reporting systems Access appropriately structured capital Create innovative & strategic thinking Tackle challenges in a timely and accountable manner At Impactivo we engage top-quality professionals in our projects to analyze and generate the best information, and design targeted interventions in order to guide your organization to execute results. Our team has a strong track record working with leaders in the following industries: • Government / Public Sector (Local and Federal) • Non-Profits & Foundations • Health Care Payers & Providers • Education • Social Services • Social Enterprises & Corporate Social Responsibility IMPACTIVO specializes in: 1. Strategic Planning Strategic planning is a major part of any successful business. It involves setting up a plan for your business to follow over a defined period of time in order to accomplish specific goals. It can be for a particular part of the business, like planning a programmatic strategy, or for the enterprise as a whole. Impactivo guides our clients through the planning process, which can be very complex and overwhelming at times, by: a. Performing Research b. Designing, carrying out processes and documenting the Strategic Plan c. Creating Measurement & Evaluation Systems 2. Financial Sustainability Financial sustainability is achieved when enterprises are appropriately structured to maximize and attain revenues in a way that is congruent with the organization’s plans to provide services. Long-range planning is necessary to define the organization’s fund raising mission, goals, and budget, and to identify the constituency and prospects for solicitation. Impactivo has experience in attaining new mechanisms for revenue in the current economic environment. Our expertise will help you reach financial sustainability by identifying alternate and effective ways to increase your revenues, which include: a. Searching for Federal Funding & Grant Writing b. Developing Fundraisings Plans c. Training in Fundraising d. Performing Product Feasibility and/or Profitability Analysis e. Planning Income Generation Strategies 3. Program Management Grant recipients and contractors are subject to many rules and regulations to which they must ensure strict compliance in a timely manner. Impactivo helps our clients with the management of government grants and contracts by designing and implementing the appropriate programmatic, administrative and fiscal controls, and procedures that will safeguard proper use of funds. As part of our services, Impactivo also provides its clients with information on best practices and latest trends in program development in order to help clients ensure adherence to the highest programmatic standards. We can work as project management coordinators, technical assistance providers and/or subcontractors to ensure that all the components of your funded programs are in full compliance. Our services: a. Operational and Programs Plan design and implementation b. Federal Regulatory Compliance c. Budget Management d. Recruit Staff e. Personnel Training f. Reporting and Program Evaluation Responsibilities The responsibilities will vary depending on the needs of the clients, which grant exposure to many different types of analysis. Typical responsibilities include: • Conducting qualitative research and analysis through interviews with experts in the field • Conducting quantitative research and analysis of specific marketplaces • Conducting financial analysis, including forward-looking financial projections • Preparing clear and compelling reports, proposals & presentation materials • Presenting analysis and findings • Impactivo Consulting will provide coaching & training to the Associate Consultant for required projects. Skills and Qualifications Associate Consultant applicants must have: • Strong academic background • Strong analytical and analysis skills • High motivation level and capacity for self-direction • Excellent bilingual (English and Spanish) writing and communication skills • Strong commitment and experience in teamwork • Outstanding interpersonal skills • Commitment to the social value creation • Using clear, rigorous logic and data analysis in critical thinking and problem-solving • Having integrity, maturity, confidence, and poise • Advanced proficiency of MS Office 2007 • Preferred but not required: statistical analysis (proficiency with SPSS) • Preferred but not required: Masters in Publc Administration, Masters in Business Administration, Masters in Education and/or Masters in Public Health. Benefits and Salary Salary for this position is competitive and depends on prior experience. Posting Expiration Date: 5/10/2011 How to Apply Application Instructions: Application Requirements and Process Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please send your resume, a one-page cover letter and a writing sample in English and in Spanish with your application to Web Site: