Louis Stokes Educational Scholarship Program

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Louis Stokes Educational Scholarship Program

This highly competitive program is targeted at a select number of high-achieving and committed secondary school seniors and/or college freshman and sophomores interested in a career in public service. They will be offered tuition assistance to accredited colleges or universities, provided challenging summer work, and guaranteed a position in their field of study upon graduation. Minorities, women, and the disabled needing financial assistance to complete their undergraduate education are strongly encouraged to apply. Students will attend classes full-time during the academic year and work at DIA during the summer in positions related to their course of study. While in school, students must maintain an overall cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (or its equivalent) for each semester/quarter.


Eligibility Requirement

  • Current enrollment in an undergraduate or graduate degree program at a university or college.

  • A minimum cumulative high school grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 or above, and 3.0 for freshman and sophomores at the time of application.

  • Minimum SAT score of 1000 on the verbal and quantitative portion plus a minimum of 500 on the writing portion OR a minimum ACT composite score of 21 for those applying as secondary school seniors.

  • Demonstrated leadership abilities as evidenced by extracurricular student activities, a high degree of civic involvement, volunteer work, or part-time employment.

  • Financial need as demonstrated by the household income ceiling of $70,000 for a family of four and $80,000 for a family of five or more.

  • US citizenship of applicant and all members of the immediate family. Please be aware that security clearances cannot be granted to applicants who hold dual citizenship. All finalists must pass a drug screening test. All applicants conditionally selected for internships and all DIA employees are subject to initial and periodic counterintelligence (CI)-scope polygraph tests.

  • Please note that the security clearance processing and drug screening test cannot be conducted while the applicant is overseas.

  • Additional requirements which may include written assessment exercises and interviews telephonically or in person may be required for finalists.

  • Current enrollment in a baccalaureate or graduate degree program which is primarily focused on skills that are deemed critical to DIA such as:

    • Foreign area studies

    • Computer science

    • Business administration

    • Human resources

    • Public administration

    • International relations

    • Legal

    • Political Science

    • Chemistry

    • Physics

    • Biology

    • Microbiology

    • Pharmacology

    • Toxicology

    • Engineering

    • Intelligence analysis

Application Procedures

Application process for high school seniors:

  • Applications are to be reviewed by the applicant’s high school guidance office (prior to online submission) and must include:

  • High school transcript (9th-11th grade) and a list of senior year scheduled classes.

  • Scholastics Aptitude Test (SAT) or American College Test (ACT) results.

  • Gender, Ethnicity, Race, and Disability Self-Identification (DIA Form 418A) form available on the DIA website.

  • Resume, including extracurricular activities during high school (awards, leadership roles, etc.), volunteer work, or part-time employment, etc.

  • Essay explaining why you wish to pursue a particular field of study and illustrating how you have demonstrated leadership ability.

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), or a copy of last year’s income tax return or parent(s) or guardian.

  • If any items listed above are not received, your package will not be considered.

Application process for college freshman and sophomore students:

  • Applications are to be submitted online and include:

  • A complete transcript and a list of courses to be taken the next semester.

  • Resume detailing extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and any work experience.

  • One signed letter of recommendation from a college professor or employer.

  • Essay explaining why the applicant is pursuing a particular area of study, and how the applicant has displayed leadership ability.

Application Submission Instructions

  • Applications will only be accepted online at https://diajob.dia.mil. Click on "View Vacancy Announcements & Apply for DIA jobs" then click "no" when it asks if you are a current DIA employee.

  • Click on the link to view job postings, then place a check next to "Louis Stokes Educational Scholarship Program." Click Apply. Please submit only the information requested.


  • Tuition and required fees (limited to $18,000 per year) toward a four-year degree program at an accredited college or university selected by the student and endorsed by the Agency.

  • Reimbursement for books and needed supplies.

  • An annual salary (paid bi-weekly) to cover college room, board, and other personal expenses.

  • Full-time employment in a job related to their academic major during the summer vacation while in college.

  • Full benefits including health insurance, life insurance, and retirement.

  • Guaranteed position at DIA after graduation appropriate to their skills and abilities.

For additional information contact the Human Resources Operations Center at 202-231-4762. For additional information about DIA, please visit our world wide website at http://www.dia.mil.

DIA is an equal opportunity employer. All candidates will be considered without regard to non-merit factors, such as race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, handicap, or sexual orientation. Veterans who are preference eligible or who have been separated from the armed forces under honorable conditions after three years or more of continuous service may apply.



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