Nomina a un joven y líder interesado en cambio climático para obtener copia del libro "All We Can Safe"

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Se buscan jóvenes, líderes comunitarios y/o educadores formando líderes que estén interesados en obtener 1 copia gratuita del libro "All We Can Save: truth, courage and solutions for the climate crisis” . El libro posee ensayos de más de 40 mujeres líderes del movimiento sobre cambio climático. Se busca a personas que no tendrían los recursos para tener acceso a este libro y están posicionadas para beneficiarse y potenciar lo que aprendan del mismo.

Esta iniciativa nace de Emerge Puerto Rico. Su meta es identificar a 100 lideres nominados por organizaciones en Puerto Rico que se comprometan a leer este libro y ser parte de posibles futuros diálogos virtuales a finales del año para discutir ensayos o poemas que resuenen con nuestra realidad.

Para nominar una persona a recibir esta copia debes llenar el siguiente formulario

Sobre el libro:

  • What are the primary themes of the book? The book covers A LOT of ground. It’s organized into 8 main sections — Root, Advocate, Reframe, Reshape, Persist, Feel, Nourish, Rise — flanked by the “Begin” and the “Onward,” written by Ayana and Katharine. Some cross-cutting themes: 

    • Women and girls are vital voices and agents of change for this planet

    • The way forward is rooted in compassion, connection, creativity, and collaboration

    • This work is complex and hard, and there are oh so many ways to contribute your skills and time and resources toward solutions

    • We must summon truth, courage, and solutions, to turn away from the brink and toward life-giving possibility

  • Is there an action or a takeaway from the book? As a means of building community and seeding action around themes from the book, All We Can Save is launching Circles for guided group dialogues. Via Circles, small groups (virtual or abiding by their community’s social distancing recommendations!) will read the book collectively, section by section, over 10 weeks. Materials for the Circles will be distributed weekly through the All We Can Save newsletter and social media, as well as through partners. Those interested in signing up to lead a circle can find more information at

  • Who is the book’s intended audience? First and foremost, women and girls who care about the future of the planet we call home—and who haven’t always felt at home in the climate movement. But the book is intended for everyone—as a balm and a guide for knowing and holding what has been done to the world, while bolstering our resolve never to give up on each other or our collective future.




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