Nuevo portal para manejar bibliografías científicas

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La popular base de publicaciones científicas PubMed, recientemente lanzó un nuevo sistema para identificar y listar publicaciones científicas personales. MyNCBI ( permite crear bibliografías personales de manera semi-automática

De acuerdo a esta noticia del NIH ( la agencia utilizará este portal de manera exclusiva para crear bibliografías a incluír en propuestas de investigación o en reportes de progreso. Así que si tienes fondos de NIH o si piensas solicitar a fondos de la agencia, tienes que utilizar este recurso de cualquier manera.



New Home for Citations: My Bibliography

You will be able to associate a grant with a paper and associate citations with your eSNAP progress report.

Starting July 23, 2010, you must use My NCBI’s My Bibliography tool to manage your bibliographies; you will no longer be able to enter citations in the eRA Commons.

New Approach

The good news is that the My Bibliography database populates citation data from PubMed, PubMed Central, and NIH Manuscript Submission System, associating your grant with your manuscripts or published papers.

When you save a reference in My Bibliography, it automatically appears in your Commons account so you can associate your citations with your eSNAP progress report in the Commons.

My Bibliography also lets you track your compliance with NIH's public access policy.

What to Do

You'll need to manually move any citations that are now in the Commons into My Bibliography -- read more at How to move citations from Commons to My Bibliography.

Access My Bibliography from the Commons or log directly into My NCBI using your Commons identifiers. To log into My Bibliography, you'll need a My NCBI account, and you'll need to link your Commons account to it. Go to How to create a My NCBI account and access the My Bibliography feature to learn how to create one.

Part of NIH's National Library of Medicine, the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) houses biomedical and genomic databases. Find more information on the move to NCBI in the June 10, 2010, Guide notice.

Get more help at Manage Your Professional Bibliography: