Oportunidad para estudiantes graduados-IIASA YSSP 2012: Summer Fellowship Opportunity for Graduate Students in Energy and Climate Change, Food and Water and Poverty and Equity areas

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IIASA Young Scientists Summer Program 2012 Each summer, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), located in Schloss Laxenburg near Vienna, Austria, hosts a selected group of graduate students, primarily doctoral, from around the world in its Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP). These students work closely with an IIASA senior scientist mentor on a project proposed by the student, related to his or her graduate research. Fellows selected by IIASA will receive funding to cover travel to IIASA and a modest living allowance. WHAT IS IIASA AND WHAT ARE ITS PROGRAM AREAS? IIASA is an international institution, supported by the U.S. and 17 other member nations, engaged in scientific research aimed at providing policy insight on issues of regional and global importance in the following fields: PROGRAM AREAS · Energy · Transitions to New Technologies · Advanced Systems Analysis · Ecosystem Services and Management · Mitigation of Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases · Evolution and Ecology · World Population · Risk Policy and Vulnerability · Water GLOBAL PROBLEM AREAS · Energy and Climate Change · Food and Water · Poverty and Equity Detailed information about each program is on the IIASA Website: http://www.iiasa.ac.at/ WHO SHOULD APPLY? - You are an advanced graduate student; - Your field is compatible with ongoing research at IIASA; - Your research and career would benefit from working alongside 50 or so contemporary young scientists from a score or more of other nations, and senior scientists from around the world; - You would like to explore the policy implications of your work. HOW DO YOU APPLY? An on-line application form, along with more information, is at http://www.iiasa.ac.at/yssp/register/ General Questions: Tanja Huber, YSSP Coordinator huber@iiasa.ac.at U.S. contact: Margaret Goud Collins, Program Director for the U.S. Committee for IIASA National Academy of Sciences IIASAyssp@nas.edu