Petición para aumentar el presupuesto para NIH

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Favor ver esta misiva sobre una petición para subir el presupuesto del NIH. ********************************* Please Sign a New White House Petition to Increase NIH Budget ( Dr. Stephen Meltzer at Johns Hopkins has started a new petition to increase NIH funding. His original petition on the Whitehouse website expired on 3/18/12 around 2 PM with only 446 of the 25,000 required signatures remaining. There were some misunderstandings with regard to when that petition would expire and it would probably have taken less than two hours to meet the ‘threshold’ per the stated rules. We are committed to pursue this because this is too important. The future of biomedical research is in trouble and this may help at a critical time. Please log into the White House site and sign this new petition to send a strong message that we as a community will not just give up and go away. The petition says: Increase NIH funding to $33 billion! The proposed flat $30.7 billion dollars will hurt the economy and medical research! Funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) supports a massive, vital engine driving our economy, improving our nation's health, generating1,000,000 jobs, generating small businesses, advancing research, promoting medical education, and buttressing employment in all 50 states as well as non-state territories. It has been funded at decreasing, flat or sub-inflationary rates since 2003. Thousands of promising careers, research projects, and laboratories have been aborted or closed down because of this funding crisis. Please tell our President that the proposed flat $30.7 billion budget will bring this crisis to a boiling point. Tell him to instead propose a $33 billion NIH budget for fiscal year 2013! Please sign it & spread it to your friends and colleagues! Best regards, Wafik S. El-Deiry, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.P. Rose Dunlap Professor and Chief, Hematology/Oncology Associate Director for Translational Research, Cancer Institute Penn State Hershey Medical Center