Posición de catedrático auxiliar en Óptica y Fotónica en la UMET

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Monday, 30 September 2013

The Puerto Rico Photonics Institute at the Universidad Metropolitana is seeking an Assistant Professor in Optics and Photonics. The posting number is M0OPN371622 at http://jobs.suagm.edu.

Anyone interested is free to Dr. Jonathan Friedman at jonathansf13@gmail.com

The application deadline is September 30.


Jonathan Friedman

Director, Puerto Rico Photonics Institute

UMET School of Environmental Affairs

Arecibo Observatory





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We are looking for an

We are looking for an energetic scientist or engineer with ambitions to build a research program and work with a diverse population of students and collaborators. Existing opportunities exist at the Arecibo Observatory in atmospheric remote sensing (particularly lidar) and in a collaborative project with MIT Draper lab (applications of laser gyros). Responsibilities will include teaching and curriculum development.

PRPI's offerings are directed towards both technical orientation and advanced undergraduate - to - MSc level.  All academic programs will have a research participation requirement.

PRPI is a brand new institute in Puerto Rico. In fact, our inauguration is planned for October 9. This is a great opportunity to get in the front door and determine the future of this new and unique institute in Puerto Rico.