Posición de postdoc en investigación en prevencion de VIH en el CDC

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Fecha limite diciembre 31, 2010 ******************************* http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/aboutdhap/orise/index.htm Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships for HIV Prevention in Communities of Color at the CDC Mission The mission of this fellowship program is to recruit, mentor, and train investigators to conduct domestic HIV/AIDS prevention research in communities of color. The fellows will be located in various branches in the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention (DHAP) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Fellowship Description The fellowship seeks four (4) doctoral-level researchers (e.g., behavioral scientists, epidemiologists, social scientists, evaluators, educators, economists, anthropologists, or MDs with research training and/or experience). Applicants must have completed their doctorates within the past five (5) years (i.e., no earlier than May 2006 and no later than May 2011). Applicants with documented evidence of research expertise or experience in communities of color, (i.e., African Americans, Latinos/Hispanics, American Indians/Alaska Natives, and Asians/Pacific Islanders), are preferred. Four (4) successful applicants will be matched within one of the Branch listed below. Please click on the link for a description of the Branch and activities. Specifics on the training positions will be provided during the interview process and the final selection of activities will be determined by the mentor and the fellow. Behavioral and Clinical Surveillance Branch (BCSB) Capacity Building Branch (CBB) Epidemiology Branch (EB) Prevention Program Branch (PPB) Prevention Research Branch (PRB) Program Evaluation Branch (PEB) Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to design, conduct, and evaluate scientifically sound, culturally appropriate, HIV/AIDS research in communities of color. Applicants Applicants must have completed all requirements for and been awarded a doctorate within the past five years, i.e., no earlier than May 2006 and no later than May 2011. Successful applicants will be required to re-locate to Atlanta for the 2-year fellowship appointment. Stipends will vary based on educational credentials and related experience. Following are some general guidelines for stipend ranges. Educational Credentials M.D. or Ph.D. or equivalent - Maximum stipend is equal to GS-11, Step 1 ($59,987) M.D. or Ph.D. or equivalent and at least 2 years of related post-graduate work . Stipend is equal to GS-12, Step 1 ($71,901). More salary steps at this degree level may be added for additional related post-graduate work experience up to a maximum equal to GS-12 step 5 ($81,487) Required Fellowship Activities Mentors and fellows will collaborate to develop a list of diverse research activities that they will complete together over the two year training period. These activities will be based on the fellow's area(s) of interest, training, and expertise. The activities listed below represent the minimum requirements that all fellows must complete. Documentation of completion for each activity is required at the end of each year and is the responsibility of both the mentor and the fellow. Produce a first draft of one manuscript for peer review per year. The fellow must be first author on a least one manuscript. The type of manuscript produced should be determined by the mentor and fellow. Assist the mentor in developing a research study protocol. Examples of this activity include developing a section of an IRB protocol or developing the background and design sections of a Request for Funding Announcement. Develop and deliver an oral or poster presentation at an international, domestic, or CDC scientific meeting (seminar, branch meeting, TRIP, etc). Attend and participate in a CDC-sponsored site visit for a funded research study. Assist the mentor in a review of a manuscript for a peer-reviewed journal. Application and Deadline Applications will be accepted no earlier than November 1, 2010 and no later than December 31, 2010. The fellowship will begin August 1, 2011 and end July 31, 2013.