Posición de postdoc en Yale en biología celular molecular/fisiología intestinal

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NIH funded post-doctoral research training position available in Digestive Diseases (TAC) to work with an NIH funded physician-scientist. Investigations are focused on studies aimed at identifying the endocytic and exocytic mechanisms regulating apical membrane protein traffic in the intestine and their relevance to intestinal diseases. Interested candidates should have molecular and cell biological experience and a strong interest in epithelial cell biology.

Examples of our publications: 
Kravtsov DV, Caputo C, Collaco A, Hoekstra N, Egan ME, Mooseker MS, Ameen NA. Myosin Ia is required for CFTR brush border membrane trafficking and ion transport in the mouse small intestine. Traffic. Vol 13 (8) August, pp 1072-1082, 2012 (Cover image). 

Anne Collaco, Robert Jakab, Peter Hegan, Mark Mooseker,Nadia Ameen. α-AP2 directs myosin VI-dependent endocytosis of cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator channels in the intestine JBC, 285 (22) pp17177-17187, 2010. 

Nadia Ameen, M.D and Gerard Apodaca. Defective CFTR Apical Endocytosis and Enterocyte Brush Border in Myosin VI-Deficient Mice. Traffic. (8):998-1006, 2007.

Interested candidates please send CV and 2 letters of recommendations to:

Nadia Ameen, MD 
Associate Professor Pediatrics, Cellular and Molecular Physiology 
Office: 203-785-4649




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