positions at Yale: Technicians and postdocs

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To the CienciaPR community, I have just been appointed faculty at Yale University, and will be setting up my lab on neural circuit development in the Fall. I am looking for motivated people interested in doing research in neurodevelopment. There are two possible positions in the lab: a) Technician: Will be in charge of technical aspects of the lab, which include lab management, molecular biology, genetics and development. Technicians with experience in these fields of research are encouraged to apply, but I will also consider highly motivated individuals with a college degree in biology and with a lot of interest in doing research. This could be a great opportunity for recent college graduates that are looking for research experience before joining graduate school or medical school. b) Postdoctoral Fellows interested in neurodevelopment. I am looking for highly motivated individuals that can work independently and who are interested in making a significant contribution to our understanding of neurodevelopment. For more information on my line of research please visit my profile. Interested individuals can contact me directly with their CV at dacr[at]cienciapr[dot]org