Postdoc position in neuroscience of behavior at Yale

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The lab of Marcelo Dietrich at YaleIllustration by Daniel Gnattali 2015 is seeking motivated and passionate investigators to join its research program as postdoctoral associates. The Dietrich lab aims to identify the cellular, molecular and circuit-level mechanisms that play a role in behavior by using animal models (mostly mice) as well as new and innovative tools, some of which have been developed by the lab itself, to manipulate cell function in combination with electrophysiological, biochemical, morphological and behavioral analyzes.  The lab's view is that the brain mechanisms involved in decision-making and executive functions (the set of mechanisms responsible to regulate and organize flexible goal-directed behaviors) are evolutionarily conserved and phylogenetically old. The lab recently showed that a population of hypothalamic neurons that control food intake are also involved in other behaviors. 


Candidates should send an email to with the following materials attached as a single PDF file:  (1) A cover letter (no longer than 2 pages) describing past and future research projects and career goals. Also describe whether you are planning to apply for postdoctoral fellowships to support your stay at Yale (if so, please, include names of the Foundations/Institutions you are planning to apply). (2) A document (no longer than 1 page) describing your expectations from the Dietrich Lab and how you hope to contribute to our lab. (3) Your CV. (4) Contact of 3 references (name, affiliation, phone and email). Please, also describe briefly your connection with the reference. 



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