Research Associate Position, Hunter College

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An established molecular genetics/immunology laboratory at Hunter College seeks a RESEARCH ASSOCIATE to join an extramurally funded project aiming to translate the gene regulatory activity of the T-cell receptor alpha gene locus control region (LCR) to lentiviral vectors used in T cell and stem cell gene therapy. Significant cell culture experience is essential to the position, as is basic experience in molecular biology. Experience with mouse embryonic and bone marrow-derived stem cells and/or lentiviral vector packaging is highly desirable. The successful candidate is expected to spearhead the completion of bench research projects to test the activity of gene regulatory cassettes using the cell culture and reporter gene system described in Lahiji, et. al. (2014) J. Immunol. Methods. 407:135-145, and in lentiviral vector transduced stem cells.  The position is a good fit for a qualified candidate whose long-term career plans would benefit from experience working on a translational research project in a diverse biomedical research environment with a strong undergraduate educational mission.

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