Simposio de Escritura de Propuestas para Nuevos Profesores o Postdocs Solicitantes

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Monday, 3 June 2013

Favor ver abajo una oportunidad para profesores nuevos en campos relacionados a la bioquímica y biología molecular de recibir entrenamiento y mentoría en la preparación de propuestas y estrategias de desarrollo profesional.

Profesores que aún no han obtenido fondos de NIH y NSF y están aún dentro de los primeros 3 años de una posición de académica pueden solicitar que su departamento los nomine.

También se aceptan solicitudes de postdocs de grupos minoritarios que estarán solicitando posiciones académicas en el 2013. Más información abajo

Dear Colleagues,

ASBMB is hosting its first New Faculty Mentoring and Grant writing workshop, which will be held June 27-29, 2013 at the Hyatt in Arlington, VA . This event is for new faculty in biochemistry and molecular biology who have not received NSF or NIH funding, and are in their first few (0-3) years of a tenure-track faculty position. The workshop will aim to demystify the grant application and funding systems both at the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health; promote skills in effective grantsmanship; provide networking opportunities and aggressive mentoring for participants, and provide a platform upon which participants can present their proposal ideas and associated approaches and receive honest and expert feedback from successful faculty mentors and expert grant reviewers and program officers.

Key features of the workshop will be (1) talks by NSF and NIH program officers about funding opportunities and strategies for successful proposal submission; (2) presentations by participants on their ideas and approaches for federal funding, which will be followed by critical feedback from a panel of expert reviewers and others; (3) a mock review panel to provide insight into the review process; (4) case-study driven discussions related to beginning a career in academia, ethical standards of conduct, and strategies for long-term success; (5) and ample opportunities for networking with other participants/attendees and faculty mentors. A website describing the workshop can be found at: Faculty mentors in attendance will be Squire J. Booker (Penn State University), Wilfredo Colón (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Takita Felder Sumter (Winthrop University), Reuben Peters (Iowa State University), Marion Sewer (UC, San Diego), James Stivers (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine), Sarah Woodson (Johns Hopkins University) and Ruma Banerjee (University of Michigan at Ann Arbor).

Nominations can be made online and should be sent by Monday, June 3, 2013. It should include the nominee's CV, a one-page research description, and a nominating letter from the nominee's department head confirming the department's willingness to cover the nominee's travel costs to the workshop as well as lodging. ASBMB has secured a rate of $129.00 a night for lodging, and will cover all other onsite expenses, including group meals.

ASBMB is particularly interested in strategies to enhance the presence of underrepresented minorities in the scientific enterprise, and will also consider applications from members of those groups who are current postdoctoral associates applying for academic positions in the Fall of 2013.


Squire J. Booker
Professor of Chemistry, and of
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
The Pennsylvania State University
Chair, ASBMB Minority Affairs Committee



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