WEBCASTS: The National Cancer Institute Center for Global Health Seminar Series is now available online

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CGH is proud to announce that our Seminar Series is now available online: http://www.cancer.gov/aboutnci/globalhealth/events/seminarseries

The Seminar Series welcomes distinguished speakers from the global health field to present their work and stimulate discussion of ideas around global cancer research.

Seminars include:

  *   Building a Cancer Program in Sub-Saharan Africa: The AMPATH-Oncology Model ( Dr. Patrick Loehrer)
  *   Pathology in Africa - Current Status, Future Direction (Dr. Ann Marie Nelson)
  *   Making Research Integral in Policies for Health ( Dr. Luis Gabriel Cuervo)
  *   Health Research Add Value to Cancer Prevention and Control: A View from Fogarty (Dr. Roger Glass)
  *   The Effectiveness of Global Health Policy Networks (Dr. Jeremy Shiffman)

Visit Center for Global Health at: http://ncicenterforglobalhealth.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

For questions about the CGH Seminar Series, please contact Dr. Makeda Williams at willimak@mail.nih.gov.



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