Frequently asked questions about CienciaPR

  • Do I need to be Puerto Rican or a scientist, to join? - Definitely not! While many of our members are scientists linked to Puerto Rico, we welcome all people interested in scientific research and Puerto Rico, regardless of their profession or nationality. There are over 30 countries represented among CienciaPR members.
  • What scientific disciplines are allowed in CienciaPR? - All scientific disciplines and areas of research are welcome on CienciaPR. For the categorization of our directory,we use the following listing of scientific disciplines, modified from the National Science Foundation. If you feel we're not doing a good job covering a particular scientific discipline, please contact us and tell us how we can improve. You can also join our team to help us improve in this respect.
  • Is this a for-profit organization? - No. CienciaPR is a non-profit organization registered with the government of Puerto Rico and we are currently seeking 501c(3) status. The CienciaPR team is mainly composed by volunteers who work pro-bono. You are welcome to join us!!
  • Is CienciaPR linked to the Puerto Rican Government? - No. CienciaPR partners with both public and private institutions that help us accomplish our mission. CienciaPR is a non-partisan, apolitical, and independent organization.
  • Some of the volunteers have affiliations to academic institutions: Is CienciaPR linked to those institutions? Is it affiliated with the University of Puerto Rico? - No. While we sometimes collaborate with academic organizations to accomplish our mission, our organization is not affiliated to any particular university or institution. We invite people from any and all institutions to become a member, join our volunteer team, or partner with us for our initiatives. 
  • Is there a fee to become a member of CienciaPR? - No. Registration on the website is absolutely free. Membership allows you to join the CienciaPR community, allowing you to communicate with our members through our portal, receive our monthly newsletters, and access aspects of our directory, resource bank, calendar, and other sections.