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Puerto Rican high school students travel to Kentucky for science research
By Wilson Gonzalez-Espada | 24 August 2012

A new partnership between Morehead State University and Universidad Metropolitana de Puerto Rico pairs faculty with mentees to produce high-quality science. ... Read more

Overheated lizards – Radiocápsula Ciencia Puerto Rico
By Wilson Gonzalez-Espada | 24 August 2012

The Puerto Rican lizard, "Anolis cristatellus", has two populations, one living in dry forests (Guánica, Aguirre, Boquerón and Ceiba) and one living in humid forests (Guajataca, Cambalache, La Vega and Mata de Plátano). Those living in dry forests are reaching their maximum temperature and could be a victim of climate change.


... Read more