Premio Agustín Stahl

Passiflora serratodigitata L.Watercolor 325 by Agustín Stahl

The 'Dr. Agustín Stahl' Award was established to recognize every year one scientist for their outsatanding scientific achievements and whose work has resulted in contributions of importance to Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and the world. 

Dr. Agustín Stahl was a medical doctor who devoted his life to the study of Puerto Rico's natural and cultural environment through different perspectives. His pioneering work in the 19th century had an impact on many natural and social sciences disciplines, such as botany, zoology, medicine, agriculture, archeology, and ethnology. Inspired by the varied accomplishments of Dr. Stahl, nominees will be scientists who have made advances in one of the scientific disciplines in which Dr. Stahl worked.

To ensure a fair and thorough evaluation of nominations, the Wildlife Museum of the Municipality of San Juan (Museo de Vida Silvestre del Municipio de San Juan) will identify an Evaluation Committee comprised of scientists with the expertise and background necessary for an objective assessment.

The recognition will be announced publicly during an annual ceremony at the Wildlife Museum of the Municipality of San Juan. At the ceremony, a photograph of the scientist being awarded will be placed on a wall of the first level of the museum, along with the photographs of  scientists recognized in previous years.

Nomination Instructions

The nominations, which will be open to the community at large, should include the following documents:

  1. A detailed curriculum vitae of the candidate, documenting their professional scientific accomplishments and trajectory.
  2. A biographical summary. The summary should be no more than three pages maximum [three pages double-spaced, in not less than 11 point] and it should highlight the reasons for the nomination of the candidate or the candidate, including information on the scientist's:
    • Original scientific contributions
    • Regional or global recognitions achieved
    • Influence on the scientific work of others
    • Integrity and professional ethics, as evidenced by a clean record and unblemished reputation
    • Dedication to improving and/or advancing science in Puerto Rico
    • Commitment to human welfare through his/her scientific work
    • Scientific, academic, educational, and/or social legacy 
  1. Three letters of support for the nomination. 

All nominations must be submitted electronically in the format described to the following address:  

The biographical summary, CV, and three letters of support must be submitted on or before 15 September 2016. Please indicate the last name of the nominated scientist and in parentheses the main discipline under which the nomination qualify (eg botany, zoology, medicine, agriculture, archeology, ethnology) in the email's subject line.

**The nomination period has closed. Please register with CienciaPR to receive notifications about the results of the award this year as well as notices of future award applications.**

Image Credits: Passiflora serratodigitata L. Watercolor 325 de Agustín Stahl. Restored digitally by Fiona Wilkinson. Publsihed in Estudios para la Flora de Puerto Rico, Vol. II, Fasc. IV. Compiled and annotated by Dr. Pedro Acevedo-Rodriguez.