The challenge of fungi at home

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Wilson González-Espada / Especial El Nuevo Día

The weather in Puerto Rico makes the perfect environment for the growth of several fungus. Dr. Benjamín Bolaños Rosero from UPR-RCM is collaborating with others scientists from the EPA to find solutions to this problem.

To see Dr. Bolaños page enter,: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alergia-a-Hongos/358948227553568.

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Public Service through Ecology and the Environmental Sciences

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Janice Alers
Dr. Janice Alers-Garcia achieved a perfect combination by providing public services through ecology and environmental sciences.

Guest Editor Mónica Feliú Mójer | CienciaPR.org 

Talking about Janice Alers-Garcia's scientific and professional interests entails stories about self-discovery, making the best out of opportunities and appreciation for the inspiration provided by colleagues, students, family and friends. 

Green Way or Future Environmental Disaster?

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Gas Pipeline
The Gas Pipeline will impact several acres of rivers, forests and residential areas.

For some time, in Puerto Rico we have been hearing about the Gas Pipeline project or the Green Way. Since CienciaPR¥s mission is to impartially educate the general public, we have prepared this small special story a about what is in reality the Gas Pipeline and what are the possible advantages and risks associated with the construction, management and maintenance of it.

What is the Gas Pipeline or Green Way?


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