Primer Simposio de Investigación Estudiantil-Sociedad microbiologos PR

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La SMPR invita a toda la comunidad universitaria a su Primer Simposio de Investigación Estudiantil

Passing the Torch of Ethics and Research to the Next Generation

Call for abstracts
6 de abril de 2013 en la Inter Metro





First Educational Symposium CienciaPR

Estudiantes durante el Simposio CienciaPR 2011
Students during the 2011 Educational Symposium

In agreement with our mission to help train future generations of Puerto Rican scientists, on September 24, 2012 CienciaPR held a symposium entitled "I want to be a scientist ... Now what do I do?”. Over one hundred undergraduate and graduate students from 15 universities throughout Puerto Rico attended the symposium, which also involved the participation of professors and researchers from various institutions. The event was held at the Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico.


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