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BibliographiesContrasting pectin polymers in guard cell walls of Arabidopsis and the hornwort Phaeoceros reflect physiological differences. Amelia Merced Alejandro03 months 3 weeks ago
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BibliographiesStructure, function and evolution of stomata from a bryological perspective Amelia Merced Alejandro02 years 1 week ago
BibliographiesHornwort stomata: Architecture and fate shared with 400 million year old fossil plants without leaves Amelia Merced Alejandro02 years 4 months ago
BibliographiesPatterning of stomata in the moss Funaria: a simple way to space guard cells Amelia Merced Alejandro03 years 6 months ago
Forum TopicUndergraduate travel award to the Evolution 2016 meeting Amelia Merced Alejandro03 years 9 months ago
BibliographiesAssociations between Lepanthes rupestris orchids and bryophyte presence in the Luquillo experimental forest, Puerto Rico Amelia Merced Alejandro04 years 5 months ago
BibliographiesNovel insights on the structure and composition of pseudostomata of Sphagnum Amelia Merced Alejandro04 years 6 months ago
BibliographiesDevelopmental changes in guard cell wall structure and pectin composition in the moss Funaria: implications for function and evolution of stomata Amelia Merced Alejandro05 years 3 months ago
BibliographiesMoss stomata in highly elaborated Oedipodium (Oedipodiaceae) and highly reduced Ephemerum (Pottiaceae) sporophytes are remarkably similar Amelia Merced Alejandro05 years 7 months ago
BibliographiesA developmental sequence for paraphyses in Neckeropsis (Neckeraceae) Amelia Merced Alejandro15 years 7 months ago