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Forum TopicExplora tu Cerebro en la SanSe 2020 Amelia Merced Alejandro06 months 3 weeks ago
BibliographiesContrasting pectin polymers in guard cell walls of Arabidopsis and the hornwort Phaeoceros reflect physiological differences. Amelia Merced Alejandro011 months 4 weeks ago
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BibliographiesStructure, function and evolution of stomata from a bryological perspective Amelia Merced Alejandro02 years 8 months ago
BibliographiesHornwort stomata: Architecture and fate shared with 400 million year old fossil plants without leaves Amelia Merced Alejandro03 years 1 week ago
BibliographiesPatterning of stomata in the moss Funaria: a simple way to space guard cells Amelia Merced Alejandro04 years 2 months ago
Forum TopicUndergraduate travel award to the Evolution 2016 meeting Amelia Merced Alejandro04 years 5 months ago
BibliographiesAssociations between Lepanthes rupestris orchids and bryophyte presence in the Luquillo experimental forest, Puerto Rico Amelia Merced Alejandro05 years 4 weeks ago
BibliographiesNovel insights on the structure and composition of pseudostomata of Sphagnum Amelia Merced Alejandro05 years 2 months ago
BibliographiesDevelopmental changes in guard cell wall structure and pectin composition in the moss Funaria: implications for function and evolution of stomata Amelia Merced Alejandro05 years 11 months ago
BibliographiesMoss stomata in highly elaborated Oedipodium (Oedipodiaceae) and highly reduced Ephemerum (Pottiaceae) sporophytes are remarkably similar Amelia Merced Alejandro06 years 3 months ago
BibliographiesA developmental sequence for paraphyses in Neckeropsis (Neckeraceae) Amelia Merced Alejandro16 years 3 months ago